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Trash Disposal

Trash is to be well wrapped, preferably in securely tied plastic bags, and placed INSIDE the garbage can. The resident is responsible for setting garbage cans on the curb for weekly collection on the designated day. After pick-up, garbage cans must be returned to the rear of the apartment. Cans left on the curb the day following pick-up may be returned to the proper place by maintenance and charged to the resident. Under no circumstances is trash to be placed or left outside the apartment door, or on the porch for any length of time. It is the Resident's responsibility to see that trash is handled properly.

Management is not responsible for the hauling away of non-trash items such as tires, old furniture, bedding, etc. ANY violation of the trash policy will result in a $25.00 for the first offense and lease termination for the next offense. Residents are responsible for their children and their guest.

All Residents are required to comply with all recycling laws, when applicable. Any bio-hazardous materials, including, but not limited to, syringes, dressings, etc., must be disposed of in accordance with federal and state law.