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Family Members and Guests

Residents will be held directly responsible for the actions of their family members or other guests in their care. They must not play or loiter in the parking areas but shall play on the lawn associated with their leased apartment.

Residents using designated play areas must abide by the following regulations:

  1. Play areas are for resident and guest use only.
  2. Toddlers and children under 12 must be supervised by an adult over 21. They shall not mark on the buildings, walls, sidewalks, or any other surface. Resident shall be liable for all damages created by occupants living in or guests visiting, their unit.
  3. Play areas close at dusk.
  4. Consumption of alcoholic beverages, containers of any kind (i.e., glass, plastic, etc.), and disposal of same in the play areas is strictly prohibited.
  5. Violation of noise Ordinance, loud radios, stereos, or CD players that impose on the right of the resident to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the premises and related facilities by Residents and/or their guests is prohibited and can result in a lease violation and lease termination.
  6. Climbing or sitting on fences, railings, or gates is not allowed.
  7. Bouncing balls off any building structure is not allowed.
  8. Drugs, knives, firearms, or any other dangerous weapons are STRICTLY PROHIBITED from being carried or displayed in public areas