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Move Out Cleaning Instructions and Charges

In accordance with your lease agreement, the apartment, including all windows, furnishing, fixtures, and appliances, must be cleaned thoroughly at the time of move out. If the resident fails to clean in accordance with these instructions, reasonable charges to complete the cleaning shall be deducted from deposits. All charges listed below will be $35.00 per hour of labor plus materials.


  • Stove, oven and vent-a-hood, drip pans, rings, racks and under the cooktop, broiler pan and underneath.
  • Refrigerator
  • Kitchen cabinets and drawers wiped out and shelf paper removed.
  • Sink and faucet cleaned, and clean stainless edge around the sink, all chrome polished.
  • Replacement of cabinet door, kitchen drawer, or shelf.
  • Replacement of floor tiles cost based on material replaced


  • Sinks, vanities, and faucets cleaned and polished.
  • Bathtubs, showers, and ceramic tile, including removal of tub decals and shower curtains.
  • Toilets, including seat, base, and tank.
  • Cabinets, drawers, linen closets, and medicine cabinets wiped out and shelf paper removed.
  • Mirrors must be cleaned.
  • Replacement of floor tiles. Cost based on material replaced


  • Closets and shelves should be free from personal items and hangers and dusted and wiped out.
  • Replacement of floor tiles. Cost based on material replaced

Utility Closet

  • Washer and dryer closet cleaned and free of lint or soap.
  • Replacement of floor tiles. Cost based on material replaced.


  • Windows and sill are to be cleaned. ($3.00 cleaning charge per window)
  • Mini blinds are to be cleaned. ($3.00 cleaning charge per mini blind set) (replacement charge: $35.00 per window/$50.00 per door)

Porches and Storage Areas

  • Remove all trash, personal items, and debris. Sweep porch.


  • Floors are to be swept and mopped.
  • Baseboards should be cleaned.

Trash/Personal Items

  • Remove all personal items and debris from the leased premises. A trash haul fee of $100 per load will be charged to the resident.
  • Unreturned keys. ($10.00 replacement charge for each key)

Additional charges will be made for missing or burned-out light bulbs, broken or missing fixtures, damages caused by abuse or neglect, and any other damages or wear and tear which is beyond normal usage.

Painting will be charged to the resident if areas are soiled beyond reasonable wear. This includes abuse of drywall or doors.

Estimates of deductibility for repairs, damages, or charges are subject to modification or disapproval by the owner per lease contract.

Pet Charges

  • We reserve the right as provided under the lease to deduct for flea infestation and deodorizing to protect future residents from possible health hazards.
  • Deductions will also be made for any damages or repair costs resulting from a pet occupying the premises.

It is our intent to provide you with the necessary guidelines for cleaning to ensure that you have every opportunity to receive the deposit(s) paid upon move-in and to minimize our need to deduct charges out of those deposits.