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Move Out

A 30-day written notice is required before moving. There is no exception to this policy. Residents with an expiring lease or an expired lease, and on a month-to-month basis, are still required to give the 30-day notice. Failure to give this 30-day notice will incur the cost of a re-letting fee, which is 85% of one month's rent, as well as all other applicable charges in compliance with the lease agreement.

All residents will be liable for the payment of all costs associated with the repair of any damages to the property caused by the resident, or anyone helping a resident when moving in or out of the community.

Management will walk through your apartment and assess any damages, etc. the following day after you move out and keys are returned to management. If you choose to have a member of management walk through the apartment with you on the day of your move out, you must make an appointment with the manager.

Within a few days of your move-out, your deposit refund paperwork will be processed and forwarded to the corporate office for processing. Five working days after your move out, you are more than welcome to call the manager to inquire about your deposit disposition.

After the deposit refund paperwork is forwarded to the corporate office, it must go through many channels. Therefore, you will need to allow at least thirty days before receiving your refund.

If your deposit is being retained due to damages and cleaning charges, or if you have any deductions from your refund, you will receive your refund statement via mail.

It is in your best interest, as the resident, to leave the apartment in a favorable condition. This ensures that your deposit will be refunded. Furthermore, if you list this apartment community for a reference on a future application for an apartment, we want to be able to recommend you as a good prospective resident.