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The Resident's vehicle must be properly licensed (i.e., current license plate) and have the appropriate property parking decal displayed. The resident shall not use the parking area for any purpose except the parking of an authorized motor vehicle.

The speed limit within the property is 5 mph. All residents and visitors are required to abide by these speed limits. Throwing trash, cigarette butts, etc. on the parking lots or grounds is strictly prohibited.

Parking of boats, trailers, recreational or commercial vehicles anywhere on the premises is prohibited without the written consent of management.

Residents and their guests are not to park in driveways, fire lanes, sidewalks, grassy and landscaped areas, or office-designated spaces. There are no assigned parking spaces but there is ample space for one vehicle per family.

Vehicle repairs including oil changes, engine work, car washing, etc., except for changing a flat tire or battery replacement, are not permitted on the premises in any parking area.

Parking or storage of any inoperable or dismantled vehicles will not be allowed. This is a safety hazard and has a serious, detrimental effect on the appearance of the premises. Management will remove any such vehicle at the owner's expense after at least one formal written notice of not less than that allowed by state law has been issued.