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November 2021 - Aimee Bilger

Aimee Bilger
November Employee Spotlight - Aimee Bilger
Weakley County Prevention Coalition - 1 year

Fun Facts About Aimee:

I love the fact that our jobs are hands-on. Spreading prevention to our community has not only been enjoyable but important. When we see and or hear the need in the community, we do our part in helping to supply what is needed. This ranges from giving out free resources and information to partnering with one of our 12 sector representatives, making sure every area is covered. 
Jeremy and I are going into our 23rd year of marriage next month. We have two children, Hannah, 21, and Joe'L, 17. We are believers who surround ourselves and our family in love, hope, grace, and truth-spreading that same message near and far.

Interesting facts that people may not know about me: I'm an Introverted, Ordained Evangelist. I love Oreo cookies and Little Debbie oatmeal cakes, but I don't like the icing, so I scrape it out before eating. I also put my ice cream in the microwave before I eat it. Oh, and my dad named me after a hurricane, Camille.

I love to read, write, and share bible stories with "Little People," also known as children.