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MEA Partner Days

"Partner days are on each Friday. We have a particular MEA partner come in and tell students about what they do, plan an activity with students, and have time for questions at the end. We believe that the more options and exposure our students get to different potential jobs gives them an advantage going forward and knowing that college isn't the only route to be successful. We have had many partners come in from the Martin Police Department, Fire Department, UTM Career Planning, Fraternities, and Sororities, the UTM NAACP, WCPC, the National Guard, and many more." - Jaclyn Marshall, After-School Program Director.

If you are interested in becoming an MEA Partner & attending one or more Partner Days, please call After-School Program Director Jaclyn Marshall at 731.514.2001 or email Jaclyn here

A class of student listening to a fireman dressed in all of his gear talk Several students sitting at a table and listening a police man talking to a class of students
2 teachers demonstrating stretching for a group of students A group of children posing in front of the Martin Fire Department Fire Truck Smiling students posing with 4 military members