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Coming Up: Daddy Daughter Dance!

A dad stands with his arm around his daughters shoulders, both are smiling big smiles.

The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance Fundraiser is coming up soon. Please check back for more details in 2023!

A father sits at a table with his daughter and watches her do crafts. A father sits and watches his daughter doing crafts with another person. A father sits with his 3 daughters and helps them complete crafts. A father sits with his daughter and is watching her talk and do crafts.
Dads are lined up at buffet tables with their daughters. Dads are lined up at buffet tables with their daughters, helping them pile their plates full of food. Dads and daughters are all seated together at tables, happily eating their food. Dads are dancing on a dark dance floor with lots of flashing lights with their daughters.

All photos above are from our 2020 Annual Daddy Daughter Dance Fundraiser.