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MEA Summer Program

Our summer program has kicked off for the summer for Grades K-5th. Despite the heat, our staff has been creative in providing our students with hands-on learning.

Kids have enjoyed "LEGO to Summer Camp" by engineering a balloon-powered car from legos and a field trip to the local library where each student was able to pick out a new book from the Scholastic Book Fair.

Going Green Week allowed the kids to explore "green" options to combat environmental problems. Students decorated a Recycling Bin and placed them in various businesses around the community encouraging them to recycle their paper products.

Summer Olympics last week, was challenging due to the extreme temperatures however staff was able to make the most out of it with indoor activities. Students have participated in an egg drop and balloon relay and a homemade indoor obstacle course.

This "Mission Impossible" week teaches the kids to be creative in solving problems. The Weakley County Prevention Coalition will join us in providing activities such as Escape the Vape Room.

Our first big field trip will be to the Memphis Zoon on July 1st. This will close out our Animal Planet week and give parents and students time to engage.

Beginning June 27th through July 15th the Summer Program will operate from 10 am to 3:30 M-F. Applications for the upcoming Afterschool Program are available now. Please email Jaclyn or call and leave your address at 731-587-3186 and one will be mailed to you.

A group of children in a classroom gathered around a table A group of children cutting fabric two girls making crafts and playing with feathers
A group of children playing with legos A group of children sitting at a table playing with label A group of children in a classroom sitting at a table
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