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New Employee: Misty Lightner

My name is Misty Lightner and I am the newest member of the Martin Housing Authority and would like to tell you a little bit about my background in housing. I have over 13 years of experience in public and multi-housing as a manager for multiple properties in the area. I would assist residents or applicants of the housing programs with the goal of achieving maximum residency. I also assessed eligibility and would collect required information, such as income. Being a manager and occupancy specialist provides information/customer service and maintains records. My main goal is to always provide safe and affordable housing to all individuals.

Here is a helpful housekeeping tip from Misty - Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Clean the Refrigerator

If the seal is still grungy or has stains from food and mold growth, then a good dousing of a common household cleaner can spiff up the dingy refrigerator door gasket. Using the effective antibacterial hydrogen peroxide to clean the refrigerator is an easy, affordable, and safe choice. It easily removes stains and can be combined with mild dishwashing liquid for an even more effective stain and odor remover.